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About Us

Gamaliel Shooting Supply is a shooting-centered business based out of Gamaliel, KY. We specialize in competitive shooting including clay target sports like trap, skeet and sporting clays, as well as 3 gun competition. We stock a wide variety of guns, parts and accessories, ammunition, reloading supplies, components and more.

Our company supplies retail customers via website and catalog orders as well as wholesale deliveries to Gun Clubs throughout the southeastern US.

History of Gamaliel Shooting Supply

The following artwork was taken from an original oil-on-canvas painted by Mrs. Belvia Pare and given as a gift to her son, Gamaliel Shooting Supply President, Garon Pare, in 1990. The painting tells the history of Gamaliel Shooting Supply from its beginning in the late 60's when Garon started selling target ammo out of the trunk of his '65 Chevy.

Garon's tan '65 Chevrolet, loaded with target ammo. As Garon was getting more involved in the expensive sport of trapshooting in the late 1960's, he peddled shells out of this car to help with expenses. He taught both his boys how to shoot at an early age. The shooter pictured is Garon's older son, Geoff, who is now Vice-President/General Manager of Gamaliel Shooting Supply.

Around 1970, the Pares started selling shooting supplies out of their utility room on the carport of this house on Bugtussle Road. Garon's wife, Faye, ran this little business while Garon was working as an auto mechanic. That's Garon's younger son, Grady, with his Sunday school book in his hand. He's now a physician at the Medical Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In 1976, the first "gun shop" was built across the road from the house with the utility room. The building is shown here after several additions. Fishing at the pond is Garon's father, Garnett Pare. "Grandaddy" always loved fishing in this pond.

This '76 Chevrolet pickup was used to deliver targets and shells to local clubs. It was the first new truck the Pares ever owned. (It's still owned by G.S.S. today.) Mrs. Pare also painted a bird dog in this scene -- Garon has raised bird dogs and has been an avid quail hunter for over 30 years.

Garon & Faye bought this house on Fountain Run Road in 1990. The adjacent acreage was used to build the present Gamaliel Shooting Supply.

Pictured is Gamaliel Shooting Supply at its present location, when it was built in July 1990. It has had eight additions to the building since this picture was painted. The vehicles in this scene played an important part in the growth of the business. The '68 International was G.S.S.'s first "big" truck. It was bought in 1978 to make deliveries and to sell shells and reloading supplies at the larger shoots. The UPS truck is shown because of its significance in G.S.S.'s mail-order business. Gamaliel Shooting Supply began shipping UPS around 1985. As the business grew, they began using additional carriers and now ship all over the U.S. and to many foreign countries. (The black Oldsmobile was Garon and Faye's personal vehicle at the time of the painting.)

In 2015, Gamaliel Shooting Supply was aquired by Brownells, another family owned business that has been serving the shooting sports communitity since 1939. This new partnership allowed both brands to continue growing and serving an even bigger customer base.

Today, Gamaliel Shooting Supply employs over 20 people in Kentucky and has 4 semi trucks that deliver all over the southeastern United States. The mail-order business has grown to include catalog and internet sales. Faye retired in December 1996. Garon is semi-retired but often makes deliveries and attends shoots. Their oldest son, Geoff, manages the company today.

Belvia Pare died in May 1999. She is sadly missed by her family and friends, but her memory lives on through her paintings. The complete painting that depicts the history of our company (shown below) is currently displayed at our store in Gamaliel, KY.

Garnett Pare ("Grandaddy") died in September 1999.

GSS Staff

Our company is based in Gamaliel, KY approximately 60 miles east of Bowling Green, KY and 90 miles northeast of Nashville, TN. All orders are fulfilled in-house and ship from this location. We also have a retail storefront that is open to all customers.